Application submitted for 39 homes on former Squires Garden Centre site

An application for 39 homes on the former Squires Garden Centre site has been submitted.
The centre, in Maidenhead Road, closed in October.
The site is on greenbelt land. Itforms part of the HA11 site in the Borough Local Plan which has been earmarked for 450 homes by the council.
Following the sale of the centre, an application has now been brought forward by developers Bewley Homes and Square Bay.
It includes plans for 39 homes and 81 car parking spaces provided by garages, carports and driveways.
The West Windsor Residents Association said: “Housing is inevitable on that site with or without the BLP. But the biggest worry on that development is parking.
“Planning officers need to think about the provision of parking. Particularly in an area like Squires, which is poorly served by public transport.”
Cllr Ed Wilson added: “The plans are for 39 properties which is less than we were led to believe would be brought forward. I still need to look at the detail.”

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