Bents Garden and Home focus group shows family shines through

‘Bents equals family and family equals Bents’. One of the main messages to come from recent customer focus groups held by Bents Garden & Home.
Gaining a deeper understanding of the customer base was the aim of the group. The Be Inspired privilege club was also on the agenda.
The initiative comes as Bents marks the five-year anniversary of the privilige club. Guidance into the future is the aim. The club moves into its sixth year.
A common phrase used by many in the groups was that the company was ‘more than a garden centre’. It was likened to leading retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges and Marks & Spencer. Comparison was also drawn with Harrods, but with the caveat that ‘even then you wouldn’t feel as comfortable as you would in Bents.”
Matthew Bent, Managing Director said: “The feedback from these sessions has been incredible.
“To be compared to such well known, leading retailers is fantastic. But the messages that mean the most to us are the ones which relate to the welcoming nature of our Centre.
“Our colleagues are the ones who help create that special atmosphere. It’s this that makes us what we are and it was great to see this acknowledged by our customers in such a passionate way.”
Another comment which reflected this stated that “everyone is welcome and everyone is welcoming’.
Whilst ‘the friendliness, courtesy, smiles and spirit’ were also acknowledged.
Results will be used to guide future communication and improvements from a customer perspective both in store at the centre.

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