Bord Na Mona to launch Growing Media Academy at Glee 2018

Bord na Móna has announced the launch of its ‘Growing Media Academy’.
It’s a brand new educational initiative designed to help you, as retailers, understand the Bord Na Mona Growise range of products.
This training platform aims to create more informed, knowledgeable and confident sales champions for Bord na Mona Growise.
2018/19 will see in-centre training and multi-channel content rolled out across the UK and Ireland.

Glee sees Bord Na Mona launch Growing Media Academy

The upcoming Glee event will provide a valuable launch pad for the Growing Media Academy.
If you’re visiting Glee, you will uncover the key ingredients that make up Bord Na Mona’s products. You will also get to grips with their technical significance.
The Growing Media Academy will spotlight five core ingredients in the Bord na Móna Growise range. Covered will be coir, green compost, peat, composted bark and wood fibre.
As part of the sensory experience at Glee, You will get to handle the organic materials. It’s designed to help you better understand their natural properties and growing benefits.
You will also see the Bord Na Mona Little Book of Ingredients. It’s a handbook for understanding the approach to quality responsibly sourced products.
Copies of the handbook will be available on the stand. It will be a valuable asset for retail staff once the initiative rolls out in centres.

Growing Media Academy ‘exciting adventure’

Steve Harper, Head of Commercial for Bord na Móna, says: “The Growing Media Academy is an exciting venture for us.
“We’re delighted to be launching it at Glee, along with our Little Book of Ingredients.
“Retailers trust our brand. We produce high quality growing media products. The company wants to ensure that all our customers understand what goes into them.
“We also want them to understand our environmental responsibilities and brand heritage.”
The Bord na Móna Growise range will come to life in a creative, trend-led showcase of sculptural and living plants.
Bord Na Mona’s focus will be on specialist growing media products, including those for orchids, cactus and bonsai, and houseplants.
Bord Na Mona

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