Box tree caterpillar is biggest threat

Resolva has issued a statement reminding people of its product, following the box tree caterpillar being named the UK’s most reviled garden pest by the RHS.

According to Resolva, the caterpillar is a native of East Asia and was first discovered in the UK in 2011. It feeds ‘greedily’ on box plants under a blanket of pale fine-webbing, which it uses to cover infected plants. The creatures leave yellow eggs underneath box leaves.

Amy Gingell, brand manager for the product said: “Resolva Bug Killer contains lambda-cyhalothrin, which is really effective in protecting and treating box plants against the dreaded box tree caterpillar.

“It’s fast-acting, and keeps on working for up to two weeks. Plus, it kills more pests on more plants than any other product and is available in a ‘ready to use’ and ‘concentrate’ format.”

The box tree caterpillar has replaced slugs and snails on top the RHS’ pest hit-list.

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