Hare Hatch Sheeplands sees new butcher shop open

A butcher shop has opened at Hare Hatch Sheeplands garden centre, near Wargrave.
Mark Lowe started in the trade after leaving school when he was 17 and has worked across the country.
He has won Good Taste awards for his home-made pork pies and home-cured bacon.
These are available at the shop along with home-made sausages and a range of other fresh meats.
His partner Becky Yapp will also work at the shop.
Mr Lowe said: “It will take time for people to realise that there is now a traditional butcher available. I believe that once people know about us they will support us.
“This area needs to have an old-fashioned butcher and I intend to fill that role.”
He says the trade is suffering due to supermarket sales of meat. Mr Lowe said: “Butcher’s shops in this country are closing at the rate of one a day.
“I know of one town where 13 butchers have been reduced to just two.”
He said shops like his did have at least one advantage over chain stores.
“They are able to give customers personal advice on products and such things as cooking times,” said Mr Lowe.

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