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  • Can you increase sales by suggestive selling?

    Suggestive selling is a technique used to convince customers to add more items to their shop.
    This gives the client the opportunity to think further to find out if there is anything else they need.
    Suggestive selling can influence customers to buy items that they did not intend on buying. Especially when it’s paired with exceptional customer service.
    The idea behind the technique is that it takes little effort.
    This is because getting the buyer to buy (often seen as the most difficult part) has already been done.
    After the buyer is committed, an extra sale that is a fraction of the original sales is much more likely.

    How using suggestive selling builds rapport

    Suggestive selling can take on many forms depending on the business category. At a retail store, an employee could suggest accessories to go with a hosepipe, such as a new nozzle, or a connector.
    In the restaurant setting, waiters could point out side dishes to go with the main course ordered.
    Research has shown that the simple act of saying “hi, have you been here before,” can increase sales by 16 percent. If a close-ended question can increase sales by 16%, imagine what asking the right kind of questions can do for your business.
    Complementary questions and statements encourage customers to find out more about the items in your store. If a customer is trying on a new pair of gardening boots in your store, you can ask them how they care for their shoes. Or even how much they are willing to spend.
    These kinds of inquiries show customers that you care about their needs. It builds trust and rapport, which leads to up-selling opportunities.
    Always look for opportunities to recommend products based on what your customer has bought.
    Your customers will not only appreciate the quality customer service, they are likely to consider one of the items you suggest.

    Data is king

    The insights an EPoS system provides can arm you with the knowledge you need to increase sales.
    Besides being faster and more secure at the point of sale, these systems also help with customer management. They keep track of what each of your customers purchases.
    If a repeat customer wanders into your store and you see in their customer profile that they recently bought a new planted pot, you can ask them how they’re enjoying it.
    This tactic opens the door for more recommendations that suit their preferences.
    Sixty-eight percent of customers who walk out of a business empty handed do so because they feel like no one cares.
    Suggestive selling is simple, cost effective and efficient. It all starts with a simple greeting and a little extra effort on behalf of your employees.

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