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  • Christmas cheers adds to bottom lines of garden centres

    A survey of 1,000 UK consumers carried out by Christmas Tree World revealed the festive season is an opportunity for garden centres to maximise on sales.
    59% of those surveyed stated they would spend more money if the venue they were in had impressive Christmas decorations. £21 more on average per head to be exact.
    Research revealed notable festive displays have an impact on a customer’s dwell time. Two thirds (66%) claiming they would spend more time at the venue.
    In fact, Britons’ would spend 54 minutes longer on average.
    The survey quizzed respondents on how they choose which garden centres they visit at Christmas time. It uncovered what consumers consider to be an important part of their experience.

    Christmas improves business

    More than half of respondents (51%) said a venue offering a festive menu is important to them. 28% feel the same about a drinks menu.
    45% state it’s important to them that there are festive decorations and displays in the venue they choose to spend time in. 43% said a Christmas tree is a significant feature.
    Almost a third (30%) cite playing festive music as something they would consider important.
    15% of participants claim they would not visit venue unless it was decorated for Christmas.
    Stephen Evans, managing director, commented: “Consumers enjoy feeling the festive cheer around them. This is a real opportunity for businesses.
    “The research revealed the value of investing in trees, decorations and displays. It has a direct impact on dwell time and customer spend.
    “Spending a small amount on decorations which can be reused can boost business performance.
    “If every customer spent £21 more every visit throughout the festive period, that’s going to have an impact on the bottom line.”

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