Darlac’s new range


Darlac has announced a new range of its garden products – a ‘beautifully crafted’ set of ‘mini essentials’.

A spokesperson for Darlac said: “These mini tools have been carefully designed to maintain a rustic beauty of a by-gone age, and can be used for indoor plants, for transplanting and potting-up, or for use in an herb garden.

Their stainless steel heads have undergone many processes’, to not only make them aesthetically pleasing, but to also prevent rust and soil adhesion. Their bamboo handles make them extremely strong, durable and eco friendly.

“In recent years bamboo has grown in popularity and is now widely used as an alternative to wood.  It has the tensile strength of steel and is recognised as one of the fastest growing plants in the world which can be harvested annually and does not require the use of fertilisers.

“This not only makes bamboo far more productive when compared to trees per acre, but also far more eco-friendly, thus safe-guarding our precious tropical rainforests by preventing deforestation.

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