Durstons hold prices for 2018

Recent press reports indicate that the rising costs and poor harvests of Growing Media in 2017 are forcing manufacturers to hike up their prices for 2018. The reports also suggest that these higher costs are in-part due to many of these products coming from overseas. It blames increased freight costs, environmental costs, as well as wage increases of 10.4% in Ireland alone, due to the minimum wage rises being implemented, and so it goes on……. It doesn’t help either, that by shopping abroad, UK companies are forced to trade in euros. So what is the answer we ask ourselves?

Well, for one UK supplier of quality Growing Media it’s really quite simple. You simply switch to a UK supplier like us, Durston Garden Products.

Family owned Durston Garden Products has been operating in Somerset for over 150 years and is now being run by fifth and sixth generation members of the Durston family. This Great British company offers everything a Retailer or Garden Centre Buyer requires when it comes to supplying Compost and Growing Media related products, and its benefits include:

  • Extensive range
  • Home produced compost
  • Excellent quality
  • Added nutrient Gro-Boost technology
  • Bagged in state-of-the-art packaging facility in Somerset
  • Loaded onto Durston Lorry
  • Delivered anywhere in England and Wales within 5 days from receipt of order
  • Extremely price competitive

All this year, Durston Garden Products has been Flying the Flag for a BUY BRITISH campaign and all for a very good reason.  It believes that as BREXIT negotiations continue to take shape; that now is the time to start shopping closer to home. Not only will you save yourself all the stress, and  often logistical nightmare that goes with the lengthy process of  shopping overseas but that you will also find it can be much cheaper too.

Whilst many other Growing Media businesses are facing rising costs at different stages of the supply chain, due mainly to products being imported, British based Durstons can not only offer more competitive prices, but it can also guarantee delivery of its products to anywhere in the UK within five days of an order being placed. The other good news is that they are also committed to keeping their prices for 2018 at the same rate as those in 2017, so it really is that simple. Equally, and unlike some of the other companies mentioned in the reports of having poor peat harvests , Durstons are keen to point out that their harvests for 2017 have been

“Like many things in our lives” said company spokesperson, Dan Durston: “It’s a case of returning to the old ‘Tried and Tested/Back to Basics methods we used to use. We are applying this methodology to so many other areas of our lives, such as cooking and gardening, so why not apply it to our business methods to”.

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