Five star Heat Beads drives repeat business

Heat Beads, Australia’s No 1 BBQ fuel has reported increased repeat business over the summer due to barbecuers returning to top up their fuel stocks. This is a pattern enjoyed by an increasing number of stockists who have decided to offer their customers the most consistently performing barbecue fuel on the market. Their reward: steady repeat business and enhanced reputation for selling a quality product.

Whether it’s open grill, covered kettle or increasingly popular low and slow smoking dishes, Heat Beads provides the answer. Typically, Heat Beads produces a minimum temperature of 180c in a kettle barbecue for up to five hours. After initial use, barbecuers find that it’s very economic and fewer briquettes can be used compared to other barbecue fuels.

This means that more adventurous dishes can be planned in addition to the usual bangers and burgers. Large roasts are particularly at home in a kettle and using Heat Beads means there’s plenty of time left to cook a sweet dish if that takes your fancy. With current lifestyles, if the kids turn up late, there’s still plenty of heat available to cook more meals. All in all, using Heat Beads leads to stress free barbecuing.

For those who barbecue frequently the best-selling 4kg size has been joined by the new economy 10kg bag in 2016.

For its gas lighters, Heat Beads uses a highly refined n-paraffin as opposed to kerosene which produces high odour and smoke. The Heat Beads Gas Lighter is not only refillable, but also features a child lock, a long barrel so the flame is directed to the firelighters, and a flame adjuster.

Cleaning the barbecue grill can be ‘mission impossible’ in a kitchen sink, but the Heat Beads Grill Soaker Tray takes up to a 57cm grill. Filling with a mix of boiling water and soda crystals will have the grill sparkling clean for next time.

The British Barbecue Society recommends Heat Beads as their preferred fuel and uses the briquettes at a number of cookouts and public events throughout the UK.

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