VIDEO: How garden centres can use TripAdvisor to benefit business

GCR catches up with Hayley Coleman, UK media relations manager at review site TripAdvisor. We spoke about how businesses can manage their online reputation and take advantage of what TripAdvisor can offer.

Managing online​ feedback

It’s encouraged that you register on TripAdvisor for free. This way, you can take ownership of your property’s listing on the site.
With the rise of social media and review sites, an online presence is almost a given for businesses these days.
It’s important to take ownership of that presence to ensure you have influence over how your business is seen online.
By registering on TripAdvisor, you can take control and start managing you online reputation. You can make use of the free tools and resources.


TripAdvisor has seen change in shopping habits

Company page on TripAdvisor

The internet has revolutionised the leisure industry and changed the way people shop.

Consumers are no longer as interested in hearing what you have to say about your business. They want to hear what others have to say about their experience.
It’s essential for you to keep abreast of what people say about your business online, and to respond where possible.
Once registered to TripAdvisor, you should log in to the Management Centre and sign up for notification emails. These alert you each time you receive a new review, so you’re aware what customers are saying about you, good or bad.

Take advantage of what’s on offer to you

It’s a good idea to get to know what’s on offer in the Management Centre to take full advantage. There are a host of free marketing tools available at the click of a button, including:


These allow you to showcase your TripAdvisor ratings, latest reviews and awards on your website. Customers can also write reviews about your shop without ever leaving your website.

Review Express

You can send customised emails to your customers encouraging them to write a review about their experience.

TripAdvisor Insights

Ane online resource of the latest trends, studies, news, best practices and video content.

Online Webinars

Focused on TripAdvisor services and the free ways in which you can promote your business on the site. You can learn how to leverage TripAdvisor tools, to best practices for improving rating.

Engage with your customers

Overview of reviews

Some of the most successful businesses on TripAdvisor are the ones that engage with their reviewers.

A 2016 Phocuswright study demonstrated the importance of management interaction with consumers’ reviews. The results showed that 65% of TripAdvisor users agree that seeing management responses to reviews will make them more likely to book.
Also, 85% of TripAdvisor users agree that a proper response to a negative review improves their impression.
Take note of what your customers are saying and address any recurring issues
TripAdvisor is great because it offers a window into both the good and bad things that your business is doing.
Through keeping an eye on what your customers are saying about your business, you’ll know where you’re going right. You will also be able to reward staff members who are being called out for doing a good job.
You’ll also be able to see any negative trends developing and address them. In the case of any negative feedback, we’d suggest trying to understand the background situation and identify the root cause of any problem.

Once you have some background, develop a strategy with your staff on specific improvements that have to happen.

Come up with an action plan for what your business will do and which team member will take the lead.
If the issue is something you can’t fix, consider how to better set expectations for customers.
Either way, be sure to track future reviews to make sure the same problems don’t come up again.

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