GARDENA: The new experts for small lawn areas

Mini gardens within cities are on the rise and with the hectic day-to-day life of work and play in the city; city garden owners can often disregard the importance of lawn care. The new GARDENA SILENO city has been introduced to tackle smaller city gardens with minimum effort. Different models for either 250 or 500 square metres care for lawns quietly, accurately, reliably and fully automatically.

Mowing the lawn can be an extremely time-consuming and costly job, even in smaller gardens. GARDENA has spotted the trend for tackling city gardens and now provides the perfect robotic lawnmower, the new GARDENA SILENO city  – which is practical and will take care of the lawn automatically.

The new GARDENA SILENO city has everything under control with regards to lawn care. The robotic lawnmower completes everything automatically and covers up to 250 square metres, which is perfect for the small space city gardens or the lawn area surrounding a modern townhouse. It is equipped with the SensorCut system, which ensures stripe-free and even mowing results. The robotic lawnmower is able to maintain small lawns and slopes up to 25%. When it meets an obstacle it is able to maneuver itself and redirect itself even through narrow corridors and passageways without a problem. It also knows when it needs to be charged and the charging station can also be set up flexibly with nearly no restrictions. The cutting height can be conveniently adjusted directly on the mower and users can place a PIN code for additional security measures.

The new SILENO city is able to maintain any small lawn in any weather condition and is extremely quiet, which means it will not disturb neighbours. The robotic lawnmower also knows when it has finished and automatically returns to the charging station. The new SILENO city has been constructed to enable garden owners to thoroughly clean the blades of dirt, dust and residual grass by simply spraying with a garden hose.

The new GARDENA SILENO city is also available as a smart version for lawn areas up to 500 square metres. In conjunction with the control unit on the robotic lawnmower, the GARDENA smart App can be used to control the device, access status information and, when necessary, quickly and easily adjust the mowing programme.

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