GCA conference attendees to learn how to become a game changer

Garden centre staff who attend the GCA annual conference can learn how they can become a game changer from guest speaker John Stanley.
The conference will take place at Luton Hoo Hotel, Luton. Attendees will hear from John, who has been a garden centre consultant for more than 40 years.
Iain Wylie, Chief Executive of the GCA, explained: “The independent garden centre sector is going through a period of change. The supply chain is changing. The target customer is changing. The sustainability issues are also changing. Independent garden centres look to have a great future as long as they are aware of the challenges and grasp the opportunities in front of them.

John Stanley at the GCA conference

“We couldn’t think of anyone better than John Stanley to give our members some guidance on the game changing opportunities available to them. We’re thrilled he will be one of our guest speakers during the conference.
“John will talk to our attendees about how they can market their products in the future. He will also talk about the roles growers will take in the future and the future of the online retail world. This is definitely one our attendees will need their notebooks for.”
In the 40 years he has worked as a garden centre consultant, John has seen a huge change in the industry. From the container revolution to the introduction of restaurants. He works in the industry in 35 different countries and interprets global trends to help businesses prosper.
By identifying and capitalising on opportunities, John is able to show his clients how to take advantage of change.
John now lives in Australia where he owns an award-winning sweet chestnut farm.
Iain added: “John’s presentation will also include new marketing ideas that are working in garden centres around the world. He will be challenging our attendees to think through a new model of independent garden centre retailing.”
The GCA’s 2019 conference will be held at Luton Hoo Hotel, Luton from January 20 until 23. Places can be booked via www.gca.org.uk.

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