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  • Haskins Garden Centres support ‘Purple Tuesday’ for inclusive shopping

    Haskins is endorsing and promoting the government-backed ‘Purple Tuesday,’ on Tuesday November 13.
    Purple Tuesday is the UK’s first ever accessible shopping day. It’s aimed at getting retailers to take all kinds of disability seriously. It also recognises the needs of disabled consumers and promote inclusive shopping.
    Lisa Looker of Haskins, commented: “We make it a priority to cater to those with a disability or impairment. Not just on the allocated Purple Tuesday, but all the time.
    “All the aisles in our centres are wider than standard. It eases the use of wheelchairs. We’re pleased to have wheelchairs available in all our centres.
    “If you haven’t visited us before, It’ll surprise you how wide the spaces in our car parks are and how flat the grounds are. Customers often say how much of a difference this makes to their experience. We’re pleased that these changes improve accessibility to our centres.”
    All four Haskins centres focus on having as much natural light as possible. With large windows and roof lights, Haskins is able to offer a consistent level of light throughout its centres. Rather than varying shades of bright and dark.
    Lisa added: “We train our staff in customer service and will always go that extra mile to help those in need. We are more than happy to help carry your shopping to your car or help carry your tray in the restaurant.”
    According to disability organisation, Purple, nearly one in every five people in the UK has a disability or impairment. Over half of households in the UK have a connection to someone with a disability.

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