Haskins Garden Centre in Snowhill unveils plans for redevelopment

The Haskins Garden Centre in Crawley has announced plans for redevelopment. This will see a revamped centre, due to open in spring 2020.
Haskins acquired the Snowhill site in 2003 and has worked hard to maintain its position as one of the best garden centres in the area.
Due to the ageing buildings on site, pre-dating ownership, it recognised the need to redevelop and modernise the centre.

Haskins new development

Julian Winfield, chief executive, commented: “We have worked with the local authority over years to develop the site.
“We’re delighted to be on track with the £15m redevelopment programme.
“Whilst it is a long-term investment, we’re confident that it will secure the garden centre for our customers for many years. It’s a good investment for our business.”
Once the redevelopment is complete, customers will enjoy a consolidated garden centre. It will have all goods and services located in one contemporary high quality building.
The enhanced customer restaurant will seat 440 and offer an outdoor terrace. The restaurant will be able to provide customers with a better range of meals, snacks and drinks.
Improvements include a new large covered outdoor sales area, as well as a revamped car park with 346 parking spaces.

Business as usual for Haskins Snowhill

Haskins in Snowhill will continue trading as normal until Thursday February 28 2019. A temporary centre will open on site on Friday March 1 2019. The main centre will re-open for business in spring 2020.
The developers are currently in the first phase. They are creating the new car park and entrance and establishing a temporary centre to continue trading.

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