HydroGarden expands export opportunities by creating own brand solution for Swedish firm

Coventry-based hydroponics specialist, HydroGarden, has created an own brand irrigation kit for hobby gardeners on behalf of Swedish retailer Willab Garden.

HydroGarden was asked to design a system that could be connected to a water butt so that pots and containers are watered at the right times and for the optimum duration via an automated timer while owners are away.

An initial order of 1,000 kits has now been shipped out to Sweden where Willab Garden has three 2,000 m² stores, plus another store in Denmark.

HydroGarden operates as both a manufacturer and wholesaler of a wide range of hydroponic and aquaponic products to retailers, commercial growers and research organisations worldwide, including its popular VitaLink Plant Nutrition range.  However, this is the first time that HydroGarden has diversified into the creation of an own brand product for a retailer.

Stephen Fry, commercial sales manager, spoke about the contract: “Our initial contact with buyers for Willab Garden was at an international exhibition that we attended several years ago.

“Since then we’ve maintained a link and were delighted when they asked us to create the irrigation kit for them, including the design of the packaging.

“Own brand is a new potential market for us which we can happily accommodate alongside our other roles as a manufacturer and wholesaler.

“We hope that it will lead to new contracts both here in the UK and abroad where we can utilise the substantial export experience and contacts we have already.”


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