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  • Investing in your garden centre

    Investment in a garden centre makes your business more robust.
    In any sort of retail you’re always in a great deal of competition. For garden centres you have competitors from all different leisure activities.
    You’re also in competition with the online world. This world makes it easy for customers to buy products they need online.
    The more attractive you make your environment, the more likely customers will visit.

    What should you invest in?

    To remain attractive garden centre owners will need to prioritise investing in refurbishments.
    Keeping your centre looking fresh and attractive doesn’t mean investing very often.
    Some retailers are good at the occasional refurbishment to a high standard. They last for a long time.
    But if a garden centre has too long a gap between redevelopments, they risk losing customers.
    If your garden centre looks shabby, you risk slipping to your customers’ second choice.
    Shoppers are polygamous. They will go elsewhere if they find a better or more comfortable retail environment.

    Look for imbalances in your Garden Centre

    Look for indicators that your centre could use a refurb. Start looking at how much space is in each department within the centre. Compare this to that departments’ turnover.
    An imbalance in the way that the centres’ categories are performing is a key indicator that improvement needs to happen.
    It’s not uncommon to see a garden centre that has what appears to be too much space for a category or department.
    If centres take a good look at their figures, the majority could free up space.
    Adding a new department is an easy way of growing a garden centres’ turnover. A lot of garden centres could reduce the space of their categories without damaging their turnover. It’s all about considering the best use of space and having good organisation.”


    Plan correctly

    With any investment within a garden centre, a detailed and careful plan and budget is critical.
    Creating a medium term plan that you and your team believe in is crucial. It will help your team remain focused and maximise the likelihood of success.
    Investing will mean paying for the development before seeing the benefits from it. Having a detailed plan and budget is key.
    Investments are low risk if a business has made sure that they’ve planned completely.

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