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  • Lechuza range extended for 2019

    Lechuza announces it has expanded its range with the launch of ten new products. The Lechuza range now offers a wider selection of colours, finishes and sizes.
    The CUBE Glossy 14 and 16 come with lacquered surfaces. These planters can sit on windowsills, tables or shelves.
    With the new Green Wall Home Kit Glossy, allows the creation of an indoor green wall. The popular CUBE Glossy 14 and the long CUBE Glossy Triple use magnets to attach to metal strips on the walls.
    The magnets ensure a secure hold; allowing the ability to create hanging wall gardens.
    The new Lechuza Orchidea planter it’s designed for Phalaenopsis and orchids. They include an orchid substrate and the liner allows light to get through to the roots.
    The company has also added a balcony box to the range. The BALCONERA Stone planter is available in various shapes and sizes.
    All new products are made from recyclable, UV-proof, shatter-proof and weather-proof plastic materials.

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