Paul to talk about ‘profit, people and the planet’ at GCA conference

Former Channel 4 News Economics Editor Paul Mason will be joining guest speakers at the GCA conference in January.
Attendees will hear from writer, broadcaster and film-maker, Paul, during the conference taking place at Luton Hoo Hotel.
Iain Wylie explained: “Paul is a writer, broadcaster and film-maker. He covers areas of economics, globalisation and the future of capitalism.
“His speech, entitled ‘profit, people & planet’ analyses economic trends and political developments. It won’t ‘dumb down’ or patronise the audience.
“It will be a great fit for the attendees to the conference and hope they can take lots away from Paul’s speech. They can instil what they learn into the running of their garden centres.”
When working as Channel 4 News’ Economics Editor, Paul covered all aspects of the UK and global economy. He also served in the sale role for BBC2’s Newsnight.
Paul was Channel 4’s Culture and Digital Editor, examining the social, cultural and business impact of the new age of digital and online.
Before joining channel 4, he took over from Stephanie Flanders as Newsnight’s Economics Editor. This was after several years as Business and Industry Correspondent.
Iain added: “Now free of the constraints of broadcast journalism, Paul takes a critical look at business and capitalism.
“He considers the impact and democratising power of technology. He looks at how this could affect the existing political and commercial elites.
“Paul was also Deputy Editor of Computer Weekly. He has won the Workworld Business Journalist and Wincott awards for his China reports. Paul also has a Diageo African Business Reporting Award for his acclaimed film on how mobile phones are changing the continent.
He makes a wonderful addition to our line-up of speakers for our 2019 conference. We’re very much looking forward to hearing all he has to say.”

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