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  • Plant pot fully recyclable introduced to the UK through Hillier Nurseries

    Plans were announced in August to introduce the first kerbside recyclable plant pot in 2019. These will completely replace the current black plastic plant pots that aren’t recyclable.
    One nursery has worked tirelessly in recent weeks to bring this date forward.
    Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire took delivery of their first pots last week. That makes it the first nursery in the UK to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot.
    Hillier plants will be the first product through any UK retailer to be available in a kerbside recyclable pot.
    This gives customers the environmentally friendly option they’ve been looking for.

    Hillier introduces plant pot that’s fully recyclable

    Hillier Nurseries strives to explore sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic. The new recyclable plant pot will feature across the entire Hillier wholesale nursery business. This will be replacing the old black plastic pot.
    Chris Francis, Hillier Garden Centres and Wholesale Nurseries Director, commented: “This is a real breakthrough in the industry. We’re delighted to be the leading the way as the first UK nursery to use the new taupe recyclable pot.
    “Hillier has always been a pioneer within horticulture. The introduction of the new recyclable plant pot throughout our Nurseries will have a considerable impact. We will head towards finding sustainable solutions to this global issue.”
    Currently, 76% of Local Authorities collect pots, tubs and trays as part of their kerbside recycling schemes. But few collect the black plant pots.
    Plant pots contain carbon black pigment which absorbs Infra-Red from detection systems. Thus hindering recycling.
    The new pot will use a carbon black pigment free polypropylene solving this problem.

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