Poppy appeal launched by Cardwell Garden Centre

Cardwell Garden Centre has recruited a mini army of poppy sellers – and they’re all girls called Poppy.
The garden centre had posted a message asking for any youngsters with the name to come forward.
They wanted someone to be the face of their fund-raising efforts. They were to raise for Poppy Scotland and the Royal British Legion.
Within only a few hours they mums, dads, grans and grandpas nominated more than 40 girls.
And because of the huge response, Cardwell invited them all for a photoshoot.
Cardwell Garden Centre is donating 50p for every £6.99 Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder sold .
Every sale of special Apta Wall Pots, costing £14.99 will see more money raised. Cardwell will donate £1.50.
There will be a £1 donation for every Wall Plaque, costing £9.99 sold.
Cardwell’s Paul Carmichael said: “We thought of having a youngster with the name promoting our fund-raising. Tying it in with Remembrance Day would be a bit unusual.
“We’re amazed and delighted at the reaction from the public. Having so many girls with this name volunteering makes our photograph all the more unique.”

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