SBM Life Science unveils 2 health-boosting natural fertilisers

SBM Life Science expands its natural Solabiol range with the launch of two new fertiliser products at GLEE.

The current range will expand to include a new natural lawn feed – Solabiol Top Lawn.
The product will grow the category penetration. It’s aiming to break one of the most common sale barriers: the belief that lawn care is complex.
With a long-lasting effect, Solabiol Top Lawn feeds for twice as long versus the natural brand leader. Consumers can enjoy the comfort of feeding their lawn less often.
The formulation behind Solabiol Top Lawn works on professional sports lawns. Consumers will be proud to have a lawn as green, thick and healthy as those seen on TV.
It is the only product in the UK to enjoy slow & fast release iron which aids green up & lawn health.
Top Lawn is child & pet safe, and has added seaweed which strengthens the lawn health. It also helps to prevent weeds & moss.

Available in a 2.8kg with a spreader on the side of the pack for ease of use, the product covers 80sqm or an area equal to 8 car park spaces.

SBM Solabiol Natural Universal Plant Food

Also new next season is Solabiol Natural Universal Plant Food. It’s a plant fertiliser with added seaweed for healthier & bigger plants
Containing extra bio stimulants, it protects the plant against drought and fungal diseases.
Solabiol Natural Universal Plant Food is also child & pet safe , and is available in an 800g package in granular format.
Suitable for all flowers, fruit & vegetables.
Christina Bouzala, of SBM Life Science, said: “The positive results we have seen in Solabiol’s launch year have boosted our confidence. Consumers are becoming more responsible in the choices they make.
“Gardeners are looking for natural safe alternatives to the traditional synthetic products. We’re excited to respond to this growing need by expanding our range of natural products with two top performing fertilisers.
“A strong marketing campaign, with PR, digital and POS in-store supports the launch.”

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