Simpsons Garden Centre profits grow

Pre-tax profit quadrupled for an Simpsons garden centre operator in its most recent financial year.
Simpson Highview, which runs Simpsons Garden Centre, experienced a rise in turnover of £500,000.
A strategic report with the business’s accounts stated. “The director is satisfied with the company’s results for the year and the ongoing development of the site.
“The garden centre has continued to develop into a destination. The plant offering remaining the core focus.
Pre-tax profit increased from £86,003 in 2016/17 to £343,885 in 2017/18.
For the same period, turnover moved to £5,409,937 from £4,950,846.
Of this, turnover at the garden centre increased from £4,813,460 to £5,206,312.
The report added: “The garden centre continues to re-invest in the site. Detailed plans are in place to start development work on site which will continue to provide and enhance the customer experience.”
The average number of employees slipped from 108 to 107 and staff costs dropped from £1,457,616 to £1,428,884.
Last year, the GCA named Simpsons Scotland’s destination garden centre of the year. It also picked up a range of other titles.

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