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  • Sipcam urges retailers to stock up on alternative slug controls

    Sipcam is urging garden retailers to stock up on environmentally-friendly slug controls.
    This is to ensure stores can meet demand when the government’s ban on metaldehyde comes into force this summer.
    DEFRA has given retailers six months to stop selling metaldehyde, as fears grow over its impact on wildlife and the environment.
    Consumers will then have 12 months to use existing supplies. The government has said that outdoor use of metaldehyde must end by spring 2020.
    Sipcam’s Matthew Jones said: “Environmentally-friendly slug control is a key growth area for retailers.
    “The withdrawal of metaldehyde in six months’ time will generate demand for natural solutions.
    “The new RHS Slug Killer and ecofective Slug Defence will plug the gap in the market left by metaldehyde. It offers effective slug and snail control that consumers can use with confidence.”
    New RHS Slug Killer is a slug and snail control that’s approved for organic growing. It contains ferric phosphate, and pellets are rain-resistant.
    Once positioned in moist areas, pellets soak-up water and swell, making them even more appealing to slugs. After taking the bait, slugs stop feeding and move away from the area.
    ecofective Slug Defence creates a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants.
    Child, pet and bee friendly, the product comes from naturally-derived ingredients that do not turn spongy when wet.

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