SolarCentre to launc TrueFlame Solar Torch Light at GLEE 2017

TrueFlame is a beautifully designed solar powered torch light that produces a stunningly realistic flame effect after dark which is totally unique. Perfect for marking borders, flower beds
and paths, the TrueFlame Solar Torch Light is fully automatic, wireless and completely solar powered.
“We’ve been developing solar lights for over 10 years now, but I think this is probably the most exciting product we’ve ever launched and there’s a real buzz about it in the office” said David
Eaton, managing director: “We’ve all seen solar lanterns with a flicker effect, but TrueFlame looks so real it is mesmerising. When people first see it they can’t believe it and want to know
how it works – it’s like they’ve seen a magic trick.”

So, how does it work? TrueFlame uses a clever 96 LED array backed up by some very clever programming to produce a jaw-dropping lighting effect which looks and moves exactly like a
real flame. SolarCentre are known for producing reliable solar lights and this latest launch is no exception. The TrueFlame Solar Torch Light has been designed to work year-round in the UK and comes complete with an optional Powersaving mode which reduces brightness in favour of longer run times making it suitable for winter use in the UK.
The TrueFlame Solar Torch Light launches in September with a retail price of £24.99 with a full range of TrueFlame products launching in early 2018.

About SolarCentre:
Formed in 2006, SolarCentre has become the UK’s leading source of high quality solar lighting products. A constant focus on product innovation using the latest battery, LED and solar
technology ensures year round reliability across their range. SolarCentre supplies a large number of businesses and organisations of all sizes including high street retailers, e-retailers,
government departments, local and county councils, housing associations, schools, colleges, universities, NGOs and charities. For more information please visit
GLEE 2017 is SolarCentre’s 9th consecutive show having first exhibited in 2009.

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