VELCRO Brand launches new range of external mounting tapes

VELCRO Brand is strengthening its home and garden product offering with a new range of mounting tapes. They will be suitable for a wide variety of DIY requirements.
The new VELCRO Brand FIX-PRO mounting tape range features four adhesive options – Indoor, Removable, Outdoor and Extreme.
This allows consumers to find simple solutions to mount items to walls or surfaces in the house, garden, shed or garage.


VELCRO Brand FIX-PRO mounting tapes use high quality acrylic foam and acrylic adhesives. It gives them a superior performance compared to similar products on the market.
All four mounting tape options come in 2m or 6m rolls starting from £4.99 RRP. It offers consumers excellent value for money across the range.
The Indoor and Removable options are ideal for consumers who want to mount lightweight items to surfaces indoors.
The Removable product, which is transparent, leaves no residue or damage to the surface once removed.
The Outdoor product is perfect for garden projects, and works well on glass, stone and concrete.
It is able to withstand extreme temperatures, making it a great solution for any season.
Extreme can hold an incredible 55kg and works on glass, stone, tile, brick, wood, plastic and metal.
It has a permanent adhesive and can is ideal for indoors and outdoors on heavy-duty projects that need extreme sticking power.
The VELCRO® Brand FIX-PRO® range boasts impactful packaging, which creates excellent stand out on shelf. The VELCRO Brand name carries an assurance of quality to consumers who are aware of the brand’s pedigree.
Retailers stocking this range will have access to impactful floor standing display units for greatest stand out.
There is also a range of bold clip strip display solutions to provide options throughout the store.

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