Westland straights range set to attract new consumers with re-launch

Westland will relaunch its straights and specialist feeds range.
The aim is to broaden the reach of these products through clearer packaging. New off-fixture displays reinforce this.
The eye-catching design is in 2 target groups.
The classics feeds design uses clear direction for the consumer both on the pack.
The ‘golden square’ is in the middle of the box which draws the attention to the main purpose of the product. It will help consumers make better and quicker decisions.
The specialist straights range will drive a forgotten category to a new audience.
Specialist straights owe their performance to their single-minded nutrient blends. To bring these to a new audience, Westland has revamped the on-shelf impact.
Westland has brought them more mainstream to allow gardeners to get the best results. It works for growing vegetables or flowering plants.
Included in the revamp is Sulphate of Potash, Sulphate of Ammonia, Superphosphate, Sulphate of Iron and Epsom Salts.
Marloes Rots, brand manager plant feeds at Westland, commented: “On average straights deliver £1.17 more cash in the till. This is a fundamental category that will enjoy opening up the market.”
Straights have long been the preserve of knowledgeable gardeners who understand what to use and when.
80% of straights sales currently come from general purpose products. Westland has updated its packaging to attract new consumers. It helps explain the benefits of the products to them.

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