Wyevale Garden Centres agrees sale of five garden centres

The centres are: Brooks; Nailsworth; Aldridge; Keynsham and Shirley.
Brooks and Nailsworth went to operators who will continue to run them as garden centres.
Roger Mclaughlan, Chief Executive of WGC, said: “We’re pleased to have agreed the sale of five of our garden centres.
“In the case of those centres which have are going to alternative use, we are very pleased to honour our commitments to our colleagues and partners.
“We will seek to redeploy our excellent colleagues in our other garden centres wherever possible in coming months.
“We would like to thank our great colleagues at these centres, who have been central to our turnaround in the past few years.”

Ex-Wyevale sites going for ‘alternative use’

Aldridge, Keynsham and Shirley have gone to purchasers who will develop the sites for alternative use.
Aldridge and Keynsham will continue to operate as garden centres for up to 6 months after completion of the sale.
Anthony Jones of WGC said: “These sales reflect our pursuit of positive outcomes for everyone involved.
“We are very grateful for the dedication and commitment of the teams at these centres, and we’ll continue to support them through the transition.”
WGC has received a significant number of offers for all or part of the remaining WGC business from national, regional and financial operators as well as local entrepreneurs.

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