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  • Wyevale Garden Centres agrees sale of four garden centres

    Wyevale Garden Centres today announces the sale of four garden centres to individual buyers.
    The centres are: Croydon Purley Way, Sidmouth, Solihull and Windsor.
    Sidmouth and Solihull have gone to operators who will continue to run them as garden centres.
    Windsor will continue to operate as a Wyevale Garden Centre whilst its new owner looks at development opportunities.
    Croydon Purley Way has gone to a party related to the existing landlord. It’s expected to continue to operate as a garden centre for up to 2 months.
    Roger Mclaughlan, Chief Executive, said: “We’re pleased to have agreed the sale of four more garden centres.
    “Across all four centres we would like to thank our great colleagues who have been central to our turnaround.
    “In the case of Windsor, we will continue to operate as a Wyevale Garden Centre with no immediate impact.
    “For those centres sold to garden centre operators, we would like to wish our colleagues well under new ownership.

    Wyevale sells to independent businesses

    “In the case of Croydon Purley Way, we are very pleased to honour our commitments to our colleagues and partners.
    We will seek to redeploy our excellent colleagues to our other garden centres wherever possible”.
    Anthony Jones, Chief Financial Officer said: “The centres sold to date were highlighted as ‘non core’ as part of our ongoing portfolio review.
    “The sale of these centres reflects our continued pursuit of positive outcomes for our colleagues and customers.
    “We are very grateful for the dedication and commitment of the teams at these centres, and we’ll continue to support them through the transition.”
    WGC has received a significant number of offers for all or part of the remaining WGC business.
    Croydon Purley Way has gone to Ultratown Limited. Sidmouth went to Kings Garden and Leisure Limited. Solihull has been sold to Rosebourne Limited, while Windsor has been sold to Wates Developments Limited.

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