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  • 11 reasons you should enter awards

    Entering industry awards can often seem like a bit of a faff. But the benefits of entering far outweigh the negatives.
    Here?s 11 reasons why you should enter awards

    Employee motivation/Rewarding for staff

    Awards are a fantastic way to recognise the work your employees do. Even if you?re not a winner, employees will appreciate the fact that you feel their work was worth entering.
    If you do bag an award, employee motivation rockets and happiness also increases.

    Improve client retention

    Getting shortlisted for an industry award is the best way to showcase your business. It lets your customers know that you?re amongst the best in the business, and it?s worth working with you.

    Free marketing, publicity and exposure

    Getting shortlisted can improve brand awareness. It promotes your services to a host of potential customers.

    A reason to communicate with clients and potential clients

    Keeping in contact with your clients and potential clients is important. Let them know you?ve won an award.

    Recruiting staff

    Winning awards boosts your hiring stature. If you are the best in the business, the best will want to work with and for you.

    Attract new/more business

    Getting shortlisted for awards indicates that you are a trusted business. Businesses that enter, and win, awards have reported increased sales and income.

    Boost reputation

    A ceremony guarantees to put your business in front of people that matter. Your name will now be amongst the industry?s brightest stars.

    Benchmark against peers

    By entering awards, you will find out where you are in comparison to your peers and competitors.

    Badge of quality

    Having a sign on your promotional material will stick in the mind of potential clients. Displaying it with pride also lets clients know you care about your work.

    Networking at awards ceremonies

    Other than exhibitions, these ceremonies are the only places that you get a room full of your peers.

    Leads to investment

    If you?re looking to sell your business, having nominations and wins plays to your advantage. Investors will know it?s worth working with you.
    So go on then, what have you got to lose?

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