• Green Velvet grass seed Brand to be marketed by SBM Life Science

    SBM Life Science Ltd has announced a new agreement with Barenbrug UK to market Green Velvet grass seed.
    The SBM sales team will now be selling and supporting the Green Velvet brand. It runs alongside its portfolio of brands including Baby Bio, Toprose and Maxicrop.
    The Green Velvet brand offers customers a high quality professional standard grass seed. It’s used in many leading sports arena?s around the UK.
    The seed mixtures within the branding come from grass developed by Barenbrug experts. It gives UK gardeners reliable performance.
    This high performance standard makes the brand an excellent product for garden retailing. It comes recommend, so staff can pass this onto their customers.
    SBM LifeSceince believe the brand from Barenbrug complements their portfolio very well. Particularly alongside the recently launched Solabiol Long Lasting Lawn Feed product. This is also a professional standard lawn care product.
    Customers will be able discuss this opportunity with their SBM sales representative.

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