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  • Treadstone Clip Glove receives enthusiastic response at Glee

    Treadstone Products launched its new Clip Glove product at GLEE. Visitor reaction suggests the Wrexham-based business is on to a winner.
    Clip Glove offers a new take on garden gloves with built in professional DNA and a touch of genius.
    The gloves offer great performance and protection. The addition of an aluminium carabiner clip by Treadstone keeps them together when displayed on the shop floor. It means no more lost gloves for the customer too.

    Treadstone Clip Glove – positive response

    Dean Winters, Treadstone Head of Brands, said: ?We had a fantastic response to our new range launch at GLEE.
    “The enthusiasm from retailers for the Clip Glove concept was universal. Retailers appreciated the Carabiner clip. It prevents torn header cards. They liked how it allows consumers to try on both gloves in store.
    “Plus of course how it enables the end user to clip the gloves to their belt ensuring their gloves are always to hand.
    ?The space efficient glove spinner also received great comments. Holding 240 pairs of gloves in less than 0.4m2 of floor space, the? unit incorporates a sizing guide and product information.”
    The Clip Golve is available in two colour palettes, and light, medium and heavy-duty options. The range has a pair to suit everyone.
    The range uses textiles from skin friendly bamboo fibres, to advanced cut proof yarns and synthetic leathers.
    Clip Gloves are available in small, medium and large sizes. Merchandising units featuring an easy sizing guide to help customers select the perfect size for them.

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