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  • Weber? biggest innovation in barbecues in 30 years, setting a new standard for gas grills

    In 1985 Weber? launched the original Genesis? and in doing so changed gas barbecues. Over 30 years on Weber? are set to revolutionise the gas market once again with the launch of the Genesis? II & Genesis? II LX models.

    With two different chassis, and the choice of two, three, four and six burners there is a Genesis? II to suit every griller, whether you have a balcony, small patio, large garden or you are barbecuing for the entire neighbourhood. However, no matter which model you use, you?ll find a high level of performance that is easy to control, enabling you to produce great tasting food for your friends and family.

    Common across all Genesis? II models is the new GS4 high performance grilling system. Compromising of four key features this system is the engine behind the Genesis? II?s unrivalled performance.

    The new High Performance burners have a unique tapered design that delivers consistent heat throughout to the grill. This means no cold spots, giving you the confidence that no matter where you put your food it will cook at the same rate. The other crucial aspect is that they have been built to last, with the ports where the gas comes up and creates a flame being punched out from the underside. The extruded ports remove the risk of corrosion blocking these holes and preventing the flame from forming.

    Another brand new innovation is the Infinity Ignition. The ignition is really the heart of any gas barbecue and is reasonably complex. Improvements have been made to ensure better consistency and they have been moved away from the heat. The result: an ignition that will light every time. Both the Infinity Ignition and the burners are supported by a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind that you can deliver the goods whether it be an impromptu celebration on a sunny Sunday or treating your family to a home-cooked dinner.

    The new grease management system effortlessly channels excess juices and fats out of the cookbox and into a removable drip tray. Not only does this make it simple to clean but it reduces the risk of unwanted flare-ups.

    The legendary Flavorizer? bars, invented as part of the original Genesis? back in 1985, are refined for the 2017 iteration. The bars are placed on top of the burners, protecting them from grease and therefore limiting the risk of flare-ups. Furthermore, when hot droppings from the food land on them, a small amount of smoke will appear and create that delicious BBQ taste we all love.

    In addition to these great features, the Genesis? II LX also has: a High+ setting on every burner for searing at any point on the cooking grate, an additional side burner for cooking up sauces and illuminated control knobs.

    And if that wasn?t enough both the Genesis? II and the Genesis? II LX are also exclusively compatible with the new Weber? iGrill 3 ? the world?s most advanced grill thermometer that sends an alert to your smartphone when your food is ready to come off the barbecue.

    The Genesis? II (RRP: from ?649) and Genesis? II LX (RRP from: ?1,199) are available from all Weber World stores

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